Nothing deep and meaningful in this one, just a girl with an inprobable hammer and a bomb.Originally it was just a simple sketch while I was playing with ideas. I liked it so much I decided it needed colouring.

Pencil / Photoshop – 6 Hours


Criminal Space Duck

A little nonsense that came out of a quick sketch.

I’ve heard several peoples theories on what the duck might have done wrong (or right depending on your point of view). Feel free to tell me yours.

Pencil / Photoshop – 6 Hours



Found and Lost

Found and Lost

Old Illustration Style.
Pencil Sketch + Photoshop.

Something I’ve been working on for a very long time. It started as a simple pencil sketch. I scanned it, redid most of the line work again digitally and then split the job of finishing it into colour and lighting.

The lighting and correcting of all the really horrible anatomy issues took about 90% of the time. For the colouring, I tried to emulate the look of the old water colour storybook illustrations. I might try a few other colour finishes if the mood takes me.


Warp Demo

A sample of my first DirectX graphics engine. Complete with scripted particle system, realtime lighting, 3DS loading, multi texturing and (as is evident here) procedural space distortions. Sadly by the time it was at this stage it could be done better in DirectX 7, and by the time I got round to rewriting it we were up to DirectX 8. something of note; all this was warping was done before the age of vertex shaders and the like. Download  

Populous 3D

A nearly complete Populous clone I made for one of my university projects, I never quite got around to finishing it as time ran out, it needed handing in and I moved onto other projects (like my dissertation). the 5000 levels are all there though, shame there’s no sound.   Notes Populous3D is an OpenGL/Glut program if you dont have glut installed get it here and stick the dlls in your windows/system folder. the map area tends to mess up on a lot of graphics cards. mainly those that don’t like OpenGL fiddling with texture. Download    


My second full game, an invaders clone with a ship upgrading twist (not a very new twist i know). It features 256 colour hand draw animations and different aliens with different strengths. Sadly over the years since I wrote it I’ve lost the final complete 200 level version, so all you have here is a cut down 20 level demo version. A shame really. It lacks sound I’m afraid, if you’ve every tried to code for the old soundblaster you may well understand. Notes Invaders runs at 320×200 modeX resolution, also written using the borland pascal compiler, it will also fail to run unless you’ve got a 386,486 or old Pentium. It does however run very nicely in DOSbox Download


This was really my first full game, a simple puzzle game the aim of which is to push blocks onto buttons to gain access to the next level, a full 17 levels are included. On start-up I messed with the current EGA pallette to make things look nice then did so again as it went into the main game. Sadly DOSBox doesn’t like such dubious behavior so once in game the pallette now retains the colours of the title screen. Nice title screen, shame about the brownness of the game. I’ll see what I can do about that at some point. For now, here’s the title screen.   Notes Logic runs at 1024×768 resolution using a custom and dynamically updated 16 colour palette the now ancient EGAVGA borland graphics interface so if you’ve got almost any modern machine it’s unlikely to even start. On a 386/486 it runs a treat and I’ve also found it runs quite well (with somewhat reduced colour capabilities) in the excellent DOSbox   Download    

The Principles of Optics

Somtimes it’s nice to go back to basics and make sure that all the technical art skills you learnt at college have not been lost.

Interestingly this is one of the few of my paintings that I prefer in it’s digital form.

Acrylic on Canvas 34′ x 25′



Tree Fairy

So rare is the site of the perching tree fairy that it is often speculated
by the layman that they live their whole life on the wing.
The studious and patient can, in time, witness proof to the contrary.


The Beholder

Started as a large ink sketch in the middle of 2007.  After the lines were finished (on A2), it was scanned and all the lines redone for clarity then little by little it was coloured in photoshop

Ink + Photoshop – 40 Hours




Dice Fairy

The ever fickle dice fairy. I did two versions of this image, this is the full colour one (and my favorite)
It probably won’t make much sense unless your into tabletop role play, Dungeons & Dragons and the like.

Photoshop – 9 Hours

This was my first real attempt to really colour using a graphics tablet, Its turned out pretty well but I’ve really got to get quicker.

DiceFairy 527x964


My game engine code base has really matured over the last year as it’s feature set has had to match the needs of iO during it’s development. Finally I can really play with concepts as they pop into my head. So, while I was finishing off the game progression aspects of iO a simple game idea occurred to me, and for the first time ever I could quickly throw that idea together into a game. After about 2 weeks of occasional spare time writing it and doing the simple artwork, Efficiency is the product of that idea. It’s just a ‘beat the high score’ sort of game with a few elements you might find familiar if you’ve ever played Chu Chu Rocket. I think it could most easily be described as a puzzle game involving sliding blocks. Play it and see. Note: Sadly this version contains a bug that prevents it from running on Windows 7. I’m in the process of fixing it as time permits. However, the bug is basically the entire sound system so it might be a while. Download


Small toy app to view the Mandelbrot set. Very limited functionality, right mouse button pops up the menu to start rendering and clicking on the image zooms to that location. addictive in a “ooh I wonder what that bit looks like” kind of way. Notes Mandelbrot is an OpenGL/Glut program if you don’t have glut installed get it here and stick the dlls in your windows/system folder. Download


By sketching repeatedly through layers and layers of fine tracing paper, this steadily went from a rough skeleton of a robot with a gun to the lines for what you see here. I traced the final lines onto a sheet of paper and shaded the result. I’m really quite happy with how it turned out.

Pencil A4




1995 – Pencil – A4

Mechanoid soldiers and the dogs of war – eventually even genocide will be automated.

Another piece of work that’s a few years old. Its inspired a painting by an artist I can sadly no longer remember the name of. Stated here because even if nameless, I feel he should get some credit.


Gun Girl

Very cartoon (read “anatomically creative”) A piece of work from a many years ago now. It’s been said that she bares a resembalance to Lara Croft. I don’t mind but Its not intentional.



My first complete personal game project for a long time. After years of writing various aspects of my game and graphics engines I’d settled on a simple 2d engine that allowed me to play with idea nice and quickly. It features all sound for the first time in anything I’ve written.   The concept of the game is simple (which is probably why I managed to finish it) Beat the high score. Its a fast paced dexterity game in which you pick up bonuses and energy while avoiding all the obstacles (including yourself), aiming all the time to increase your Radius. I’ve not included a download to this anymore because once it’s installed it’s pretty hard to uninstall. All my projects since this point have had more sensible install/uninstall processes.