Moonstone Equation – Released

So, It’s finally out there. On Steam, for everyone to play. I’ll be updating, fixing and adding little details for a few months I think but other than that it’s basically all done. It feels a little odd to think that something I’ve spent over 9 years making is coming to a close. I’m super happy that I’ve got this far and it’s in the hands of people that and told me how much they’ve enjoyed playing it. It’s a great feeling. However, I’ve also already started forming the various ideas for what I’m doing next into something a little more real. This time I’ll be going into it with the intention of selling something at the end which was not something I did for The Moonstone Equation. It as a spare time project in which I could play with game-play ideas and test my engine. There wasn’t any plan about how it could be sold or marketed. If you enjoyed games like Fez, Luminocity or Braid then you might also enjoy The Moonstone equation. You can get it on Steam here and read more about it on the main game website here