Moon Progress

It would be easy to think that work on my current personal project ‘Moon’ has ground to a halt. I can tell you for sure that isn’t the case. Though to the casual observer a few hours a month probably looks very much like halted.

A great deal of my time has been spent making bits of engine code that do specific but ultimately non-game things like generate voxel based collision meshes so the character doesn’t float about in space, load file from the internet so I can support updates or just a renderer that doesn’t crash at random times so I don’t get angry emails from players.

Well, finally after a very productive weekend I now have actual visual results to show for my efforts. These are simply tests of the first parts of the level and block editor so don’t expect Moon to actually look like this. Though I do quite like the stark grey against dark dusty purple.

MoonShot1The basic bits of a level editor. Blocks from any of the constructed sets can be placed in the world and saved. Nothing very fancy here yet and so much more work to do.


This is a pretty much complete Voxel based block and animation editor. Blocks can be constructed out of any number of carved voxel elements in here and then animated as needed. These finished blocks are stored as part of a block set that can be loaded and used in the level editor. Easy.

So, you might now ask when you can expect to play something. My best answer, eventually.

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