Moon – Alpha 1.2

Just in time for new year, The first Alpha version of Moon is now available (see the big link below).

So, what great and exciting features have taken all this time?

With luck the black screen bug is finally dead. Lots of ambient sounds have been added (still no music yet though), I’ve added and updated a few puzzles, made some fixes to levels so you won’t get stuck, improved the controls (especially when jumping up through gaps), added interactive computers, added some hidden fun stuff and fixed lots more bugs.

As ever this is still a preview of the game, you’ll get a few snippets of the story and a few puzzles to beat but it’ll be a while yet before the whole thing is done. There are definitly still some knobbly bugs in there but in general things should be mostly stable and crash free. Please let me know if you have any trouble (or suggestions / annoyances)

For best results you should delete the files in your AppData\Local\Moon folder and start a ‘New Game’



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