The cycle of the Sun


If you’ve played any of the Alpha releases of Moon you may have noticed the moon in the sky in the outdoor areas around the Observatory. The more observant of you may also have noticed that the phase of the moon matches the current phase of the moon.  This is all great stuff. Except it raises an annoying inconsistency that’s been bothering me for a few months now.

The changes of moon phase imply the passage of time, but the lighting of the world never changes. One one hand you experience the passage of days but never the passage of hours, so It’s always night.

Shot150_TownDayThe Solution

For a long time I’ve been resisting the temptation to implement a full day/night cycle, aware that if I ever want to actually finish Moon I have to be a ruthless as possible with my ideas. If it not absolutely needed, time shouldn’t be spent on developing it.

However, the mixed messages about the passage of time were too much of a problem to leave alone. So now, in the outdoor areas, the daylight light matches the light in the real world and the passage of time is made clear.



Things are still not totally perfect. I’ve kept the moon itself in the sky at all times of day. I could have made sure it was up at times that were appropriate but it’s an important indicator in the game. I decided it was too important to be missing for about half the day.

I’ll just mark that one as artistic license.




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